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Art History is Doing Great Things!

Art History is Doing Great Things!



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Check the slideshow of the Art History Department’s highlights!
  • Celebrating the Legacy of Dr. Hugo Munsterberg, Founder of the Art History Department.

Solstice Wireless Collaboration Software for student exam review!

Prof. Hugo Munsterberg in 1975

Prof. Hugo Munsterberg in 1975

Other tools we now support are those developed by ARTstor for studying with their image groups. Look for presentations in your classes, or contact me and I’ll be happy to give you a tutorial.

I look forward to working directly with more students than ever!!

There’s also lots of Art History activity this semester. For the second year we’ll host a Careers in Art History alumni panel to offer students a chance to become more informed about career opportunities and to network.

Art History continues to celebrate the centenary of the birth of the department’s founder, Prof. Hugo Munsterberg, with an Art History Association Symposium on African Art. Prof. Munsterberg tirelessly advocated for teaching world art in the Art History department he founded in 1970. Join us on Thursday, April 6, at 7pm (room TBA). Confirmed speakers include Dr. Christine Mullen Kreamer ’75 of the National Museum of African Art (Smithsonian) and Professor Ikem Okoye of the University of Delaware.


Study for Finals with Solstice: Extended Hours Through Finals

Do you have a study group for art history? Need a place to study during study days from December 13-15?

Use Solstice Wireless Display Collaboration Station in the VR Study Room, SAB 106C! Wirelessly view content from phones, tablets or laptops to a large, shared display!solstice_meta

End of Semester Availability (booked appointments ONLY):

Mondays-Fridays 9am-9pm
Saturday and Sunday 10am-5pm

Visual Resources Study Room: Student-Centered Gathering Place

On September 14 we inaugurated what we hope will be an annual Founder’s Day/Welcome Back Event for faculty and art history students.

September 14, 2016--Founder's Day Celebration on the Centenary of Dr. Hugo Munsterberg's birth! Party for students in SAB 106C

September 14, 2016–Founder’s Day Celebration on the Centenary of Dr. Hugo Munsterberg’s birth! Party for students in SAB 106C

For Fall 2016, SAB 106C got a facelift with new paint and carpeting. A Founder’s Day Party was held on Wednesday September 14 in honor of Dr. Hugo Munsterberg, whose Centenary the Art History Department is celebrating this year.

The room also boasts a new collaborative study station. The set-up includes new Solstice software that can wirelessly display content from up to four concurrent users, and a 40 in. flat-panel Samsung 4K-UHD TV screen.

Use the collaboration station in SAB 106C to share your own content for:

  • Meetings for Group Presentations
  • Midterm and Finals Exam Study
  • Art History Association and other displine related club meetings

Follow this link for more information and to reserve your own study session with our online form!

Art History Website Gets a ‘News’ Page

This Spring, websites in the School of Fine and Performing Arts were updated and are now running on a new web management system platform, TerminalFour. We got a chance to add some content, so check out our ‘News’ page frequently for updates! Here’s a screenshot that features a recent event: an unusual talk focusing on Andy Warhol from the perspective of a close relative, his nephew James Warhola. Mr. Warhola is a noted author and illustrator in his own right.




Open House 2015

This year Profs. Carso and Heuer greeted prospective students. Prof. Heuer provided the Halloween candy. Yum!

Open House 2015--The Art History Table

Open House 2015–The Art History Table

Parsons Poster

The Dorsky Museum will host a conversation titled “A Modern Art Dealer and Her Artist Friends: Betty Parsons, Helène Aylon, and Saul Steinberg” with artist Helène Aylon and SUNY New Paltz professor Reva Wolf, Sunday, Oct. 25 at 2 p.m.

npsocial tagboard_Met_trip_Oct3_detail2

Students at the Metropolitan Museum of Art Great Hall. Several bus trips go to museums in NYC every semester!

npsocial tagboard_Met_trip_Oct3_detail1

Prof. Heuer points out a detail on the Protoattic neck-amphora depicting the fight between Herakles and the Centaur Nessos

npsocial tagboard_Met_trip_Oct3

Art History bus trip instagram photos on the #npsocial tagboard. Prof Heuer took a large group of students to the Met.


College to Honor Art History Faculty Emeritus
William B. Rhoads

College to honor Art History Emeritus Professor William B. Rhoads

College to honor Art History Emeritus Professor William B. Rhoads

Careers in Art History #npalumni tagboard

Welcome Back to Campus!

SUNY New Paltz Art History Faculty