Author: Susan Smutny

Villa I Tatti debuts database on Berenson

Bernard Berenson’s Drawings of the Florentine Painters is a digital resource based on Berenson’s publication of the same name.   This research tool allows you to search for any of the drawings listed in...

Three cheers for Bob Rauschenberg! – Apollo Magazine

‘Ideas aren’t real estate,’ Robert Rauschenberg told Time magazine in 1976. ‘They grow collectively and that knocks out the egotistical loneliness that generally infects art.’

It is in keeping with the artist’s own processes, then, that the Rauschenberg Foundation has recently announced a fair use image policy that will transform how art historians are able to interpret and disseminate images of the artist’s work. And not only that: it is a decision that ought to recalibrate attitudes to this aspect of copyright more widely.